It is a a mixture of the leaves, flowers and the tips of the buds after drying the plants, which fall into the types Oreganum, satureja, Thymus, Thymbra and Marjorana, in the appropriate way

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It is the dried leaf of the plant laurel (Laurus nobilis L.). The product, which is obtained via packaging the laurel, which passes through stages such as selection, election and various processing types, is called processed laurel leaf.

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Aniseed are the ripe fruits of species Pimpinella anisum Linneanus. It is used to give taste, smell and flavor to food.

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Cuminum is the granular or ground form of the seeds of the plant species cyminum L. which are collected and dried according to its technique after they have ripened.

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It is the seed or ground form of the plants of the Foeniculum vulgare Mill.var.dulce speices which are dried according to its technique.

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